OPEN INVITATION to come celebrate


Thanksgiving just happened and then comes Christmas and then… MY BIRTHDAY! (I’m turning 24 ūüôā )

I get that my birthday isn’t a national holiday (even though I’d love that), but it’s one of my favorite days.

However, this year, is going to be a bit different. So here’s my open invitation for you to come celebrate with me for my 24th birthday.


TAYLOR’S 24TH BIRTHDAY! $2400.00 for 24.


WHAT: Come celebrate with me by donating to GenerateHope, a non-profit in San Diego that “empowers trafficked young women to discover a future of freedom”


WHEN: From now to January 4, 2016

WHY: because

SAN DIEGO is the 8th highest intensity area for human trafficking in the nation.

THIRTEEN YEARS OLD is the average age of entry into the sex trade

20-48 TIMES a victim may be forced to have sex in one day

300,000 CHILDREN at risk of being prostituted in the United States

98% of sex trafficked victims are women and girls

For $2000, one survivor will be provided with housing, therapy, education and needed services for one month.

For $500, one survivor can be housed for a month.

Please donate $5 if you can. Please donate $100 if you can donate more. If you can’t, please share this to your friends and family.

You are all so loved! Thank you for loving on others with me!

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