Welcome to the Neighborhood

Well - HELLO. It's been a while. I apologize - kind of. I took a break. Well, I didn't mean to take a break. I had a bunch of writer's block. But, baby, I'm back! So yay. ANYWAY. A couple of weekends ago I moved out of my parent's house (round 2) into a cozy … Continue reading Welcome to the Neighborhood

OPEN INVITATION to come celebrate

Thanksgiving just happened and then comes Christmas and then... MY BIRTHDAY! (I'm turning 24 ūüôā ) I get that my birthday isn't a national holiday (even though I'd love that), but it's one of my favorite days. However, this year, is going to be a bit different. So here's my open invitation for you to … Continue reading OPEN INVITATION to come celebrate

Plot Twist

Originally written for E3iopia Missions. You know when you are expecting something to happen, and then when it happens, it doesn't happen the way you were expecting it to? It's like when you're watching¬†a movie, and you're expecting a happy ending... and the hero dies in the end. They call those "plot twists." Well, that's … Continue reading Plot Twist

pep talk

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. - Kathryn Stockett The first time I found this quote was when I read The Help for the first time and it totally went over my head. (Side note -I've never seen the whole movie and don't really plan to). Sure, it was a good quote with a … Continue reading pep talk