2016, You Were Alright.

2016 wasn't all that bad. I've been spending a lot of time thinking about this past year and I wonder if the girl that I was in January 2016 would recognize the girl that I am now. I don't think she would. And that's good. I cried a lot of tears in 2016. I let … Continue reading 2016, You Were Alright.

Plot Twist

Originally written for E3iopia Missions. You know when you are expecting something to happen, and then when it happens, it doesn't happen the way you were expecting it to? It's like when you're watching¬†a movie, and you're expecting a happy ending... and the hero dies in the end. They call those "plot twists." Well, that's … Continue reading Plot Twist


On the outside, I'm a twentythree year old "bronde", with firetruck red nails, impeccable eyebrows, and bravely sporting a leather jacket and a tattoo on my forearm. On the inside, I'm an insecure, twentythree year old, who has recently come to terms with the fact that I just quit my job, have no income flow, and … Continue reading PSA