On the outside, I'm a twentythree year old "bronde", with firetruck red nails, impeccable eyebrows, and bravely sporting a leather jacket and a tattoo on my forearm. On the inside, I'm an insecure, twentythree year old, who has recently come to terms with the fact that I just quit my job, have no income flow, and … Continue reading PSA

Day 11 of 2016

I've never been a fan of New Year's Resolutions. Like, I  DO NOT do them... because I know myself pretty darn well and know I will not even last 30 minutes of going sugar, carb, or caffeine free. So why even try? However, as this new year is now reaching day 11, I've had an … Continue reading Day 11 of 2016

pep talk

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. - Kathryn Stockett The first time I found this quote was when I read The Help for the first time and it totally went over my head. (Side note -I've never seen the whole movie and don't really plan to). Sure, it was a good quote with a … Continue reading pep talk

sitting tight

Just sit tight. It's one of my least favorite phrases in the world, almost on par with "no," "don't touch that" and "I'm just not that into you." However, with all of those phrases I am able to cease one action and move onto another. When someone says "no," I move onto something else. When someone … Continue reading sitting tight


Starting my first "big girl" job was always something that I looked forward to... mainly because of the clothes that I'd be able to wear. I was the kid that watched movies like The Wedding Planner, Hitch, and The Other Woman and drooled over the outfits of the women who worked so stylishly in the business world (... … Continue reading FIRST JOBS