eight things learned living with an eight year old

As many of you know, or now you do, I moved back in with my parents in February. 

Moving back in with them also meant that I now live with two teenagers and two elementary schoolers (my siblings).

Going from living with one or two people my age to living with a family of 7, the youngest just being 8 years old, has been a definite change. My housemates have a bedtime of 830, prefer chocolate milk to wine and could spend the day eating mac and cheese, dinosaur nuggets, gold fish and fruit roll-ups all day and not gain any weight. It’s a little unfair, to be honest.

However, living with an 8 year old (and up) has definitely taught, or reminded, me a couple of things- so here are 8 things I’ve learned from living with an 8 year old in the past couple of months. 

  1. Impromptu dance parties are ALWAYS a good idea. Whether one is cleaning the house, making dinner, or brushing ones teeth – never be afraid to bust a couple of moves. 
  2. It’s healthy to let your feelings and emotions out. Sometimes laying on the floor crying actually helps. It’s somewhat therapeutic. But then wipe the tears off your face and move forward. 
  3. Never stop asking “why?” and other questions if you don’t understand why something is the way it is. And no question is stupid. 
  4. Just because something doesn’t seem possible doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. You might be pleasantly surprised. 
  5. Dream big. And then dream bigger. (my sister A wants to be an in n out worker when she grows up. and then she wants to be president of the USA)
  6. Play time is important. And you are never too old to play. Ever. 
  7. Always be kind to others and try to understand people that are different from you. It’s totally okay to ask about their cultures and why they do things differently than you do. 
  8. Family is the most important. Period. They will always be the ones picking you up off the floor into giant bear hugs, the first people to dance with you, and the people that will support your dreams the most. 

Living with an 8, 10, 15, and 17 year old has definitely been interesting. But at the end of the day, seeing them grow as people and learning from them has been one of the greatest perks of free rent and living at home.

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