Channeling Rachel Green

You know when you think you’ve got life planned out pretty well? You’ve graduated college and got your first job and an apartment in the most expensive city in America and you’re like, ‘yes. I’ve done it.”

AND THEN, you decide to quit your well-ish paying job, leave your dream city to move back in with your parents and work retail getting paid way less than before. Oh, and you’re sharing a car with your 16 year old sister.

It’s your Rachel Green moment.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go on and watch the Friends  series. Right now. (just kidding… but not really).

JUST a recap for those who don’t know what I’m getting at  – Rachel Green had it made. She was the daughter of a very wealthy doctor who was engaged to get married to a wealthy dentist. She had done everything she was supposed to – until the day of her wedding when she left Barry at the altar, and moved in with the rest of the Friends cast, penniless and with no idea on what to do next.

She ends up working at a coffee shop (which she’s terrible at) but soon gets into retail as a buyer (which she’s marvelous at)… But then disaster strikes and she gets sent to the personal in-store stylist position… and she wants to quit.

In the words of Rachel Green, “Monica, I’m quitting. I just helped an eighty-year old woman put a thong on, and she didn’t even buy it. I’m quitting.”

rachel green

That, my friends, is a Rachel Green moment. Or one of them at least.

Anyway, I’m going through that right now. I’ve gone through it before, but I’m definitely going through it again.

It’s a point where you feel like, “oh my goodness, what is going on here?” OR “What am I doing?”

It can feel like a dead-end. Or like the world isn’t really on your side.

As a retail person, sometimes I have days, or weeks, where I’m just like, “WHAT is going on? Did I make the right decision?”

BUT then something happens. I’ll get a kind remark from a customer or I’ll help one of my customers create a whole new wardrobe that leaves them feeling fabulous.

Right after Rachel has that call, Joshua walks in (or as Rachel pronounces it – Josh-Ua). And after Josh-Ua comes Ralph… aka Ralph Lauren. (She gets a job working at corporate RL -but really, just watch the show)

It didn’t end there for Rach. And it won’t end there for me. And it definitely won’t end there for you.

So now, as in this week where I’m not hitting my numbers and I’m definitely in a “I’m over it” mode, I’m channeling my inner Rachel – and keep going because I never know what might happen next.

Maybe Ralph Lauren will walk into my store. (I know that’s a long shot, but hey… a girl can dream 🙂 )

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