Fun fact: San Francisco is the most expensive place to live in the United States.

And because of this,  rent is not super affordable.


But in all reality, finding a place to live in this city is a full time job.  And about a minute into the house search, I realized that I would not be living in Monica and Rachel’s apartment or anything that would be remotely close to that.

And it’s not like I had huge expectations… I knew that I couldn’t afford Mr. Big’s apartment , but somewhere in my brain I thought that I could at least afford Joey and Chandler’s apartment… or Ted Mosby’s. TV definitely has skewed my idea of how the world works.

After searching for two months, I didn’t think that I’d be able to rent even a shoebox because every living space that is available for rent is available maybe for three seconds, before someone snatches it.

HOWEVER, after one month of commuting 2 hours one way to get to work, and looking at apartments every day after, my roommate and I found our place.


#livingin1346 is a small little apartment, with one bedroom that Megs and I somehow are able to share. The living room actually takes up about half of the apartment, which is super nice seeing that the living room is where I eat, watch Netflix, paint my nails, fold my laundry and do my hair. So that’s a plus. The kitchen and the bathroom are roomy enough, without making one feel too extremely claustrophobic… but the best part of 1346 is that finally, I am living in the city.

In a tiny tiny apartment.

and I love it.

#livingin1346 is still under construction, which is expected from two girls who come from creative backgrounds. But it’s pretty perfect. I mean look at our bookshelf. Who would say any different?


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