Starting my first “big girl” job was always something that I looked forward to… mainly because of the clothes that I’d be able to wear.

I was the kid that watched movies like The Wedding Planner, Hitch, and The Other Woman and drooled over the outfits of the women who worked so stylishly in the business world (… by the way, my dream closet contains about 95% of Kate Hudson’s outfits from every movie she’s ever been in).
When I received my job offer back in February, I was ecstatic… 85% because of the job, 5% because I no longer needed to keep looking for a job, and 10% because my company requires employees to follow a dress code that is almost on par with every classy outfit that Kate Hudson has ever worn .

I’m pretty sure one of the reasons I even went to business school was because I wanted to wear nude pointy-toed pumps, shift dresses, and pair it off with gold accessories.

And I LOVE it. I love getting up every morning and throwing on my pencil skirts and long trench coats, looking like a trendier version of Sandra Bullock in The Proposal. But what I didn’t expect was that, like Sandra Bullock’s character, I would love my job too.

Truth be told, I’ve only been there a total of 5 weeks and a day, and some days I want to pull my hair out because it feels like I’ve taken three steps back when I had only gone two steps forward. Going from a college student to a full time worker is hard because there are no nap breaks, and if you forget your coat, you can’t run back to your room real fast between classes to go get it. And it’s difficult. The real world isn’t easy. But it’s so worth it- because I actually like the challenge that I face every day. And no, I’m not the best at my job, and I have a long way to go, but that’s part of the learning experience that’s part of being a twentysomething.

I really like being a recruiter… or headhunter ( think Mila Kunis in Friends with Benefits). And the funny think is, is that now I get dressed every morning because of my job… and not the other way around.

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